BNI Australia – Business Networking & Referrals

bniBNI is a business referral organisation. Its primary purpose is to assist their members in finding and exchanging qualified business referrals.

Utilising a professional structure, BNI provides its members with ongoing training to enable them to network in a deliberate manner for the sole purpose of generating business.

Last year business referrals resulted in more than $233 million in new business generated by members of BNI in Australia.

With a structured system of giving and receiving business, BNI provides an environment in which personal relationships can be developed with many other qualified business professionals. Each member has the opportunity to substantially increase his or her business by establishing a networking relationship with other people.

There are now over 200 chapters and 5,000 members of BNI throughout Australia. If you would like to take on more business then check out a BNI near you. You can find your nearest BNI Chapter by visiting their website: BNI Australia